Saturday, August 25, 2012

New In My Closet!!!

Find them (HERE)

Sandals (HERE) & High-Low Skirt (HERE)

Ballerina Inspired Tulle Skirt (HERE)  Polka Dot Blouse (HERE)

You may recognized one of my new shoe addition since I did featured them in one of my famous "Cheap Fabulous Finds" and just couldn't resist and had to have them. The high-low skirt and polka dot shirt were gifted to me by Romwe and can't wait to style them. And of course my best and favorite item I acquired this month is definitely the ballerina inspired tutu skirt. It completely reminds me of Carrie's Sex in the City from the last episode when she's in Paris...remember? Anyway working on a inspired outfit!! Oh yeah and found it on Ebay!!!!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend and as always thank you so very much for visiting and for the lovely comments.

Talvez pueden reconocer unos de los zapatos nuevos que compre este mes ya que hice un de mis famosos posts de "Hallazgos Baratos Fabulosos" y pude resister y tuve que comprarlos. La falda alta-baja y la camisa de lunares me fueron regaladas por Romwe y no puedo esperar para estranarlas. Y por supuesto mi pieza favorita y con la que estoy mas contenta, es sin duda la falda inspirada en bailarina de tutu. Me recuerda mucho a Carrie del programa de Sexo en la Ciudad el ultimo episodio cuando ella esta en Paris...te acuerdas? Estoy trabajando en un traje inspirado por ella! Oh si y lo mejor es que la encontre en Ebay!!

Espero que esten disfrutando su fin de semana y como siempre muchas gracias por visitarme y por los lindos comentarios.




  1. I love those shoes! And that tulle skirt is AWESOME!!!

  2. Can I say I am really jealous of the heels you got! Love it! :D

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  3. Some great pieces here, really loving the hi-low skirt xx

  4. I love these posts, the first heels are my fav!

  5. Those are great finds! I have yet to own or even try on a high-low dress or skirt. I think they are so cute though.


  6. cool!

  7. Love these items and they are SO YOU!!!

  8. wow love those spiky pumps!!

  9. I love the spiked heel. Reminds me of my Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps. I also love the tulle skirt, so Carrie Bradshaw. I'm excited to see how you style it! have a great day lady and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Xo-Jewel

  10. I love that ballerina skirt! So cute! Kiah

  11. Oh wow, those first two shoes in the black and pink! Those NEED to be in my life! LOL

  12. Super cool I bought the same tulle skirt! All your new purchases are fab!

    Chica Fashion

  13. very cute heels girl! :)

  14. cute shoes and I love the skirts.FAB!

  15. Marina, I love the shoes! Now when I can come over and play with them? Lol que los disfrutes :)

  16. Cant wait to see how you style them! Love all of them!!

  17. I love the pink ankle strap peep toes with the spikes! UrbanOg is one of my favorite sites for shoes =D