Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LOOK OF THE DAY: Black with a Hint of "PINK"

Hello my Beautiful Followers,

Wanted to kick off this month by posting Pics of Today's Outfit and Hair. 

I'm so super excited with tons of stuff that I have going on for you guys this month. I'm currently testing couple of products and I'll be giving you my reviews soon, also sharing TONS of Homemade Beauty Remedies before the end of this week YAY!!! so we can kick off this month taking care of our skins/Feet/Hair anything Beauty on a budget.

I noticed how ponytails are back and hotter than ever so I wanted to do something simple, cute and yet practical and easy to do. Let me know if you girls like my hair and could do a tutorial for you guys!! ;-)

BTW: sorry for the ugly background but I was taking pics at work LOL..I had my co-worker/BFF taking pics on our lunch...Girls I have no time but wanted to post a something.!

Front Hair View

Side and Back View

Ponytail Detail
(I only used one hair band then wrap piece of my own hair around it)

Black Attire with a HINT of PINK

Here are my favorite shoes "right now"
You may remember them from my F21 Haul Shoe Pics



  1. love your hair. It looks perfect!

  2. Perfect hair, lovely make up :)