Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Heel Tips" is Offering 15% DISCOUNT to My Subscribers!!!

Hello my Beautiful and Fellow Stiletto's Lovers,

Remember the post I did on Tuesday About "How to Fix your Stiletto's Heelp Tips"!!!

Well I'm so super excited to let all my ladies know that "New Heel Tips" is offering an extra 15% DISCOUNT to all my subscribers...YES YOU!!!

Here's what you need to do:

First check out their website (CLICK HERE)

Find the perfect heel tip sizes you need

Simply enter this code when checking out: 5a681237d4593f6


Thank you to "New Heel Tips" for offering this offer to my subscribers. It's really nice of them. I hope you ladies take advantage of this offer and leave me any comments or suggestions.

Have fun shopping and a wonderful weekend!!! ;-)

Here are a few pics of how easy it is to replace your heel tips!

With your pliers try to get a hold of the old heeltip and pull it out.

Move left and right if it doesn't come out right away. Eventually the tip will come out.

Simply replace the old heel tip with the new one and use a hammer to drive it into the heel of your shoe.

If you don't have a hammer you can knock the shoe against a hard surface. Just make sure that you don't damage anything.


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