Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Fix Your Stiletto's Heel Tips

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Today I want to share a Fabulous Online Store I happened to find a few months ago. Many of you may know, heard or even purchased from them already but I wanted to share my story anyway for any Stiletto Shoe Lover out there.

If the following questions apply to you keep reading:
Do you high heels usually have the tops worn out quickly? How expensive is to get your high heels repair?

Well if any of you are anything like me the answers to these questions are:

My heel tips get worn out just after a few uses and sometimes literally right after the first month of buying my heels (sad)

I was paying over $20 at the cobbler repair to get only 2 pairs fixed...*YIKES* really for heel tips only!!

Not having the extra cash to spend in getting my beloved shoes fixed I started my own research and determined to find first of all the name!! LOL..I didn't know they're called "Heel Tips" and tired of carrying my shoes in the trunk of my car and literally forgetting just how many shoes I had craving to be worn and taking outside for a stroll.

Then I found this amazing website!!! (YAY) if you go to their website they absolutely teach you how to replace heel tips all by yourself and yes it works. I spent a little over $40 and replaced 7 Pairs of my own High Heels.

They have different shapes of heel tips round, u-shaped and rectangular and all you need to replace them is a pair of pliers and hammer (click this link to see how to replace

You can also find the right size of your heel tip needed by using their "Type Sheet" where you can match your current heel size to their user friendly heel tips stencil chart (see chart here

Ok my girlie girls hope this post truly help some of you out there and feel free to leave any comments/suggestions/etc.

BTW: Thanks to my Lil' Sister for suggesting I blog about this topic because just like me she's a "Shoe Lover" *Love You*

Bye my beautiful readers and stay tuned for a lot more Bloggin' from ME aka Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle!!

Here's a pic of the"7 Pairs of Shoes" I fixed..all by myself ;-)

 You can get them in Tan or Black

Another Pic of Heel Tips colors you can get



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