Thursday, March 3, 2011

To "ShoeDazzle" or "Not to ShoeDazzle" that is the ?

Hi Everyone,

Ok so I been thinking for months now about getting into the ShoeDazzle monthly service but so far I just signed up but have not provided any billing information yet.

So the question is:...of course the title of my blog: To ShoeDazzle or Not to ShoeDazzle?

Here's where all of you come to my or anyone else's rescue that may be thinking to join as well. Has any of you gotten into this? if so, can you share your personal or someone's experienced?

I do like their shoes and also their accessories so anything you can share with us will be helpful!! Thanks Girlies and as always:

If you want to check what ShoeDazzle is all about please:



  1. I haven't tried it because I was worried about the Quality of shoes. If they're all Michael Antonio, they sell them at the local swap meets, etc. in my area where I don't have to pay shipping. I was curious if they were cheaper than retail? GREAT QUESTION, love to hear the responses as well.

  2. I am like you, I signed up,but haven't set up billing. I worked with a girl at Express that used it, she said she liked it, except if you forgot to get a pair of shoes every month they didn't remind you and charged you anyway...But she said they ended up giving her a credit to use toward other months?? Let me know if you try it out. There's actually a ton of these sites now. I found another one on facebook but I can't think of the name. Ruelala just featured one yesterday