Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today Marks the Date of my 1st Month Bloggin' and Got more AWARDS!!

Thank you Sarai from For the Love of Beauty

Thank You Queen Ieeya from Queen Ieeya & Her Closet
Thank you Shasie from Live in Style

Hello my beautiful and amazing followers!!

I'm so overwhelmed with sooo much happiness literally can't stop smiling as I'm typing this blog right now. Well first my nails just make me smile so much every time I look at them they're so pink and sparkling too cute! and of course my main reason is because today marks the date of my very 1st Month Bloggin' and can't hardly believe in such short period of time I have 171 Followers and got rewarded with 5 Blogger Awards!! 

Just received notice from two fellow bloggers that they nominated and had giving me the "Versatile Blogger Award" again which means this is my 3rd time receiving such honor and appreciation for my Lil' Bloggie!! *insert super big happy face* and also just received for the 1st time "The Kreativ Blogger Award"

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you out there reading my posts, taking the time to write a comments, suggestions., etc. I want you all to know that my heart is so full of happiness and it's giving me more motivation to make this blog a Lil place for all of you to just come and have something cute/interesting/exciting/learn., etc to read and my wish is that every time you come and visit you leave with a smile in your face and wanting more!! I truly do care for all of you out there and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making this 1st month such special and unforgettable one!

Thank you for your support!!!
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  1. OK! This was a really good month for you! Amazing start!
    Congratulations sweetie, you deserve it :)

  2. COngrats on your blog awards!

  3. You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  4. nenu thank you for the comments on my blog!! I share your excitement congrats on the awards!! lovely lovely blog
    ps: i share your happiness about nails!

  5. congrats ;) It's my blog's 2 months anniversary haha :D