Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beauty Check List: Prep for a Fantastic Fall

Hi everyone,

First off I want to apologized for the lack of posts but I'm super busy with my personal and work life and also stock in Jury Duty (ggggrrrrr). I'll be back soon with videos, outfits and much more exciting posts for all of you.

Now on with this post!!!

Who says transitioning from season to season needs to be tricky and expensive? Here are some simple and fast tricks we can all do to get perfectly primped for this seasonal change.

Beauty Check List: Prep for a Fantastic Fall...

Cleaning Out The Closet
Gearing up for fall, it's important to toss your old spring and summer products in the trash. Using old products can lead to bacteria and infections (which can spread to your entire body!). A major beauty no-no. Word to the wise: If your makeup changes in texture or smell you know its time to ditch the product.

Vitamin C Cure
With fall just around the corner the last thing you want is to succumb to a cold. Kick your immune system into high gear by taking a daily dose of vitamin C. This super vitamin has also been shown to lower stroke risk, reduce stress and skin aging.
Now that's a combo we can't resist!

Shoe Slip Up
After a long summer in flip flops and sandals, (Ahh! The comfort of flat shoes!), transitioning back into sky-high stilettos can be tough on your feet. Invest in a pair of sole inserts to give your peds a well deserved and much needed rest!

Mind, Body...and Digestion
Don't go running for the hills just yet - not all cleanses live up to their harsh reputation. Using a simple cleanse that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle will help prepare your body for the upcoming cooler months. By adding one to your day to day routine you can regulate your digestive track, detox your system and boost your energy. For a mild cleanse try Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Daily ($59.99)

Simple Sculpting
Getting arms like Cameron Diaz's is a synch when enrolling in a kickboxing class at your local gym. They promise that you'll burn up to 1200 calories in one workout session! The secret to this outrageous burn: the resistance of working with a 100 pound heavy bag. Get killer arms and cut calories with a punching bag a simple one-two punch workout.

Knock Out Nail Biting
One free body upgrade you can do now is to stop biting your nails! Germaphobes beware: this nasty habit can lead to infections, ruined front teeth, and worms, eek! Avoid the urge to bite by painting your nails a fun and funky color.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheap Fabulous Finds: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita' Bootie"

You can see the "Jeffrey Campbell - Lita Bootie" everywhere now from fashion bloggers wearing them to out and about in the street style. This booties are here to stay.  As for me it took a while to come around and still not sure if I would rock them BUT Love or Hate they're definitely here to stay and now after much searching I found the perfect alternative "Look for Less" ... "HAPPY SHOPPING"

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Bootie"
Range from $159 to $179


Get the Look for Less @ Make Me Chic for $33.80

How fun is this Fushia/Gold one!! LOVE IT
Get yours @ Urbanog.com for ONLY $34.20


Saturday, August 20, 2011

LOOK OF THE DAY: Tiger Print and Pleats

Dress and Handbag (2b Stores)
Shoes Marshalls
Accessories (Forever 21)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts this week and I owe you guys the Q&A video.  I know...  I know...  I promise that it's coming, I just have to edit and upload it.

I'm so excited to share with all of you one of my newest obsessions and favorite store 2b.  A few days ago, I was so fortunate to be invited to their store and included to a luncheon they hosted for local bloggers to introduce the new collection for this fall.  Their clothes are super stylish and, oh... soo... affordable!!  I completely LOVE their concept "The 2b concept is simple... Affordable fun and flirty fashion 24/7.."

As you all know by now, I'm the bargain hunter/budget girl and I am all about looking FAB without breaking my bank account.  Who would not want that, right??

If you want to check out their new collection, check out their store at  www.bebe.com/2b


Sunday, August 14, 2011

7 Hot Styles For Fall Fashion Trends That Won't Cost Too Much Money

I know right? Can you believe Summer is pretty much O-V-E-R!!!! Oh No...say it isn't so...

Which means it's time to start building our fall wardrobe. Not to worry girls you will be able to look fashionable this season without breaking the bank and I'll be giving you some tips of the main pieces you need to spice-up your wardrobe on a budget.

7 tips to the Hot Trends to Look Wonderful in this Fall.

1. Use your wardrobe. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, you are not alone. Coming trends for this fall seem to be proving for all needs. Many collections of the designers are surrounding a basics theme with nice wardrobe clothes and simple lines.

2. Use the power of the COLOR. Black always leads! It is still very fashionable. You should pair it with bright colors. Black, white and also grey controls the fashion in this autumn. Get ready to combine them!

3. Brilliant fall items! Leather and suede is always the most important part of the fall fashion trends. They can be seen in the handbags, jackets, wallets etc... They are always important but in this fall, they will have some fun updates with padding, metallic finishes or some animal prints.

4. Close fitting trousers! We are talking about 'leggings' here. They come back! Leggings will be in the good shape with long tunic and sweaters. As an advice, you can combine them with ankle boots and chunky jewelry!

5. Metallic will be also useful to be attractive in this autumn. You will absolutely see more metallic in the stores. Add some pieces of metallic jewelry to your unique look with a delicate shine!

6. Extreme accessories! Using accessories is a best way to dress up your simple outlook. All bold accessories for example; large necklaces, big bracelets, big hats and boots will be important to have a brilliant look in this autumn.       

7. Your denim time is back. Especially; if you have got ripped denims from 1980s, you should keep them for a long time. You shouldn't throw out these torn jeans yet. They are making a comeback in this fall. Besides; dark denim will be big trend. It can be used with wide legs and your bottom will look smaller than it is.

Conclusion; you shouldn't have to break the bank in this fall. Because; the new items of this fall will easily coordinate well with the clothes that you already have in your closet. 
And remember check for sales before you buy a new thing!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Care of Your Dry Hair!!!


Ok so I get tons of emails asking me ...How do I take care of my hair? that I decided to dedicate a post on how "I take Care of my Dry Hair" YES, my hair is dry and thin so is far from perfect....trust me.

Some of you will have naturally dry or brittle hair whilst others can perhaps only blame themselves – sorry but, as we often tease and play with the hair to create stylish and beautiful looks we forget the damage that we can cause from over-styling.
I am not going to lecture you about over-styling – okay, maybe a little but I will be doing it for your own benefit!
Our hair can’t exactly speak out when it feels like it is being abused – but take note, when the hair becomes dry, brittle and damaged it is time to do something about it before it is too late.
Putting continuous pressure on the hair can even lead to thinning and hair loss so give it the treatment it deserves and it will serve you well for longer.

One of the evils of drying out hair is heat. Simply put, heat makes moisture evaporate and heat whether from over-exposure to the sun, your straightening or curling irons, can and will strip the hair of it’s natural oils. 
So you can really help your hair’s condition by laying off your heating tools. If you can, let the hair dry naturally more often. I try not to blow dry everyday do anything special to my hair on the weekends and only use a hairdryer if you are preparing for an evening out or special event.

Take care of your hair. You must strip your hair to remove all product build up and also give it extra care to have flawless and shiny hair. See my post on what I do to achieve this (Want Shiny and Healthy Hair) TRUST ME it works...I do this every month.

If you have dry hair there is no need to wash it everyday. Shampooing too often can also strip the hair of its natural oils so 2 or 3 times a week is more than adequate.

Take a look at the hair products you are using - do they contain ingredients that can care for dry hair? Browse the shelves of your local beauty store and see what is available specifically created for dry hair types. My favorite shampoo and conditioner that works for me is TRESeme Color Protection.

Healthy hair doesn't just come from the outside but also from within. I take a shot every morning of Fish Oil...YES...Carlson Fish Oil (lemon) with a hint of lemon taste so it's not too fishy. Click on the link if interested on buying it because is way cheaper than getting it at your local Organic Grocery Store.

Coloring can also ruin your hair - See my post here on what to do before coloring your hair Tricks for Gorgeous D.I.Y. Haircolor.

Now I have shared all my hair secrets with you guys and hope you have taken some good advice out of this post and I wish you luck in getting your hair back to full health.

Kisses and Always 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheap Fabulous Find: Christian Louboutin 'LADY DAF' Pumps

This beautiful Christian Louboutin's "Lady Daf" platform pumps are $995.

This gorgeous Lady Daf pumps has a lot of celebrerity fans, including Kourtney Kardashian, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Get this Look for A LOT LESS @ Urbanog for only $22.80

You can also get them in BLACK & PUTTY

Happy Shopping DOLLS!!!


Friday, August 5, 2011

LOOK OF THE DAY: Leopard Pumps & Red Lipstick!!!

Dress (Forever 21)
Leopard Pumps (Charlotte Russe)
Accessories & Belt (Forever 21)
Clutch (Aldo's)

Happy Friday....

Today's look was inspired by this fabulous leopard pumps I found at Charlotte Russe. Remember my last LOOK OF THE DAY (SEE HERE) I mentioned I bought (3) pairs of pumps @ CR for only $20 each...well here's the 2nd pair of my Fabulous Cheap Finds. Hope you dolls enjoy this look as much as I always enjoyed doing them for you girls.

And as always thank you so much for stopping by and for always leaving me the sweetest comments ever!!! I absolutely LOVE and appreciated every single one of them.
Kisses and Hugs everyone!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 7 Biggest Beauty Sins...

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter how/where/what or which way you look for inspiration the writing and thoughts just don't come to you? Well that's been me lately I have ideas for different posts but for some reason my mind goes <------> blank the minute I pick up my laptop.

Booohoooooo....I'm over my writers block and now here's one amazing post for my beautiful DOLLS on WHAT NOT TO DO in order to keep you looking gorgeous and younger!!!

Sleeping With Your Makeup On
You went out with the girls, had one too many martinis and before you know it you're face down on your bed passed out cold. You'll wash that smoky eye off tomorrow, right? Not so fast. Aside from the fact that your sheets are about to get ruin, you're doing some serious damage to your skin. "If you're acne prone, this is the worst thing you can do to your skin." 
"Leaving makeup on overnight clogs your pores and traps in dirt from the day. Nighttime is your skin's time to repair itself."
If you know you can be a little lazy at night, make sure to leave some makeup removing wipes by your bedside like to give yourself a quick swipe before shutting your eyes.

Over Exfoliating

Sure, a little exfoliating treatment every now and then feels like tiny angels are scrubbing your face with magical toothbrushes, but exfoliate too much and you could be doing more harm than help for your skin. "Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin cells on your face, but this in turn makes it more vulnerable to the sun and your favorite products."
So how much is too much? I recommend a few times a week in the summer but in the winter keep it to once a week so you don't dry your skin out. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

I know...we don't have time to pee some days let alone get seven to eight hours of sleep. Sorry to break it to you, but according to many studies there's just no way around this important beauty must. "You can apply all the makeup in the world, if you don't get enough sleep your skin is just not going to look good." Like with leaving your makeup on, nighttime is your skin's prime time to repair and rejuvenate, so those hours of shuteye are important.
If you find yourself falling behind on sleep, make sure you turn off the tube, close your laptop, and set your BlackBerry/iPhone to sleep mode so you can mentally check out and focus on dozing off.


In a perfect world, we wouldn't even have to discuss this issue. So take this advice and pretend I'm not talking to you, because you've never been in a tanning bed...right? Well, if you happen to stumble upon one — don't do it. Just don't. On top of that little thing called skin cancer you're guaranteed to get brown spots, wrinkles, and a big frown from your derm.
I recommend wearing sunscreen every day (even in the winter), and be mindful of reapplying every few hours when vacationing.

Popping Your Zits

There is nothing more frustrating that walking around with a blemish on your face, but popping it is not the solution. "Picking at your face often leads to depressed scars, skin infections, and sometimes broken blood vessels."
Instead of popping, use an OTC benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid treatment. If you absolutely must pop, use a warm cotton swab or compress on your face to bring the puss up to the surface and squeeze gently.

Over moisturizing

Slathering your face in lotion, especially in the winter is good for your skin, right? Not necessarily. Doing so can cause you to break out, or can even give you milia, tiny white spots that are formed when dead skin is trapped in the skin.
To keep your complexion clear, choose a lightweight moisturizer. If you're prone to acne, pick a serum over a lotion to keep your pores clean.

Plucking Out 
You decided to splurge and get lash extensions but now, they're growing out and are all sorts of annoying. Can you do damage by plucking a few false lashes out? "Absolutely," 

"Your extensions are attached to your real lash, so there's no way to know if you're pulling a fake lash or one of your real ones."
Ideally, you should go to a professional to get your false lashes removed, which is quick and painless (a solution is rubbed on a cotton swab and the lashes slip right off). If you can't make it to a pro, carefully clipping the ends of your lashes where it doesn’t hit your natural lash so that they don't hang over so much.