Saturday, April 7, 2012

GNC Complete Body Cleansing Program (REVIEW)


Hi Dolls and Guys,

So if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you already know I started using this product on Tuesday and promise I would have a review ready for all of you by Friday. Unfortunately life got hectic and I'm posting on Saturday instead of Friday. LOL

Ok, so I decided to detox myself after my long and exciting weekend I had in LA. I just felt like I needed to do something to cleanse myself so went off and bought this product at my nearest GNC store. 
I wanted to test the product out myself so didn't read any of the reviews and literally walked in into the store and for some reason this product was the one that caught my eye so I bought it. 

Hola munecas y chicos,
Si me siguen en Facebook o InstaGram entonces ya saben que comence a usar este producto el martes y les promite que tendria una revision lista para el viernes. Desafortunadamente la vida se puso frenetica y les estoy dando el post el Sabodo en vez del viernes. jajaja

Ok, asi desidi desintoxicar mi cuerpo despues de mi fin de semana largo y emocionante que tuve en mi visita a Los Angeles. Senti que tenia que hacer algo para limpiarme por dentro asi que fui y compre este producto en mi tienda de GNC mas cercana.

Yo queria probar el producto por mi misma, asi que no lei ninguna de las revisiones del producto y literalmente, entre en la tienda y por alguna razon, este producto fue el que me llamo la atencion asi que lo compre.

La Revision

The Product (Complete Body Cleansing Program) 2-Day Liquid Formula ($34.99)

El Producto (Programa Completo Limpieza del Cuerpo) 2-Dias de la Formula Liquida

First Day (Bottoms Up)

Primer Dia (Salud)

This was my Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for 2-DAYS!!!

Este fue mi Desayuno/Almuerzo/Cena por 2 DIAS!!!

This is how the drink looks like

Asi se ve la bebida
PROS                      CONS
Simple to take              Doesn't work   
    Good taste                    NO RESULTS
Curves appetite           NO BUENO           

I don't want to bored you with so many details so I'll get straight to the point. Do I recommend this product? absolutely NOT. DO NOT wasted your money on this Detox program. I followed the instructions and didn't  get any results.

Didn't cleansed me nor make me go bathroom as promised and at the end of the second day I had a little stomachache but that was it. The taste is absolutely pretty good and it helped me to curve my appetite but I still ate plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep my metabolism going but I had no positive results. 

Sorry didn't want to get into so many details on the review but I thought it was just better to give you my honest opinion without so much details.

Does anyone know of any good Detox products? if so, please feel free to share with all of us please!!! Hope this review help and just want to point out that the product was not gifted to me but purchased with my own money!!  :))

Kisses everyone and Have a Fun Weekend!!!

No quiero aburrirlos con tantos detalles asi que voy a ir directo al punto. Recomiendo este producto a mis lectores? Absolutamente NO. No desperdicien su dinero en este programa de desintoxicacion. Yo segui las instrucciones y no obtuve ningun buen resultado.

No me limpio, ni me hizo ir al bano como el producto prometio y al final del segundo dia tuve un dolor de estomago pero eso fue todo. El sabor esta muy bien y me ayudo a curvar mi apetito, pero yo segui comiendo frutas y verduras para mantener mi metabolismo pero no tuvo resultados positivos.

No quize entrar en muchos detalles sobre el examen del producto, pero pernse que era mejor darles mi opinion sincera sin tanto detalles.

Alguien de uds sabe de algun producto de desintoxicacion que trabaje? si es asi, no duden en compartir con todos nosotros, por favor! Y tambien quiero senalar que el producto no me fue regalado por nadie, lo compre yo misma con mi propio dinero. :)

Besos y les deceo un fin de semana maravilloso!!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing and no I do not know of any good detox products.
    I hope you are having a fantastic Easter weekend!

  2. Too bad it didn't work. I think the best thing that has worked for me is adding at least two raw veggies and fruit meals to my daily diet. Also, using a lot of turmeric, lemon, ginger and asian spices help. I also like Rewnew life can find this at whole foods. Here is the link.. :)

    Heel in Mint

  3. sorry this didn't work out for you...nice review. I just got on instagram...will look for you! I'm @rockoomph.

  4. aww. that's sad. i have this cleansing solution by Dr. Tam Mateo. You can google him. my mom took the cleansing. and she was not able to get out of the house. hahaha. :D

  5. It doesn't look good! Sad to hear it didn't work!

  6. Juice from 8 oranges
    Juice from 4 lemons
    4 Tablespoons of honey
    2 bananas, peeled and sliced
    2 apples peeled and sliced
    2 cups of grape juice

    Blend all ingredients together , then divide into two portions (each portion is a full day's diet drink). Sip throughout the day, along with plenty of water for 2 days.

    this is a 2 day juice fast thing i had tried.i felt very energised after finishing it.

  7. Detox diets are a SHAM! One should never go for this! You lose the muscle and whatever weight is lost is usually water weight


  8. This is so sad to hear. Wasting all these days for no result......I think Songbird has a great proposal.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. Oh damn! How annoying! I hate it when your expectations are crushed. Usuall best detox are fresh veg and fruit juices. xx

  10. I know such a disappointment :(