Monday, January 30, 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY: Neon Challenge

 Forever 21 (From Head to Toe)

I'm a day late on posting my Neon Challenge that I'm taking part of from my fellow fashion blogger Flor from Flor De Maria Fashion. I was not able to take any pictures over the weekend but better late than never right?....

So what do you guys think of my Neon Challenge? Do you like the way I styled my yellow neon jeans? Let me know please I would love to hear your thoughts!!!



Friday, January 27, 2012

Come Check Out My 2 Features!!!

Can you believe it!! 
I was featured not once but twice in one week in two amazing blogs. I'm so thankful with my Fabulous and fellow Fashion bloggers for the honor to be featured in their fab and fashionable blogs.
I'll invite you to come and check out my features and why not show them some love and feel free to follow their awesome blogs.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY: Warm Tweed Jacket!!

Jacket (Forever 21)
Top, Scarf and Accessories (Forever 21)
Leggins (Charlotte Russe)
Booties (GoJane)
Handbag (T.J. Maxx)

I'm obsessed  with this tweed jacket from the shape, cut, color, fit and specially the faux fur inside because it makes it so warm. So yeah be ready to see it a lot more in my photos.

I'll be taking part of a weekly challenge with Flor de Maria Fashion where she challenges bloggers and her readers to wear a specific trends or themes. This week's challenge is due by Sunday and is all about "Wearing Neon Colors" so I'll be posting my photos for you dolls to see by Sunday so make sure you come back to check them out. 
So excited to be taking part of this awesome concept. Till next time and as always....


Monday, January 23, 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY: A Very Windy Day!!


Dress & Accessories (Forever 21)
Clutch (Aldo's)
Shoes (ShoeDazzle)

Sorry I was MIA for a few days but couldn't find time to post or take pics. I really want to post every other day as I previous promise to you my dolls and hoping to keep up my promise so expect more posts from your truly. :)

These pictures were taken by my boyfriend (insert smiley face) this was his very first time taking my pictures so hopefully you guys like them as they were taken with tons of love and also in a very, very windy cold day. 
Sorry for the faces and the my messy hair but it was so of hard to pose and and keeping a straight face with him he was just making laugh oh so hard! :)

(Thanks AM <3 U)



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beauty Drugstore Buys Docs Swear By

Hi beautiful people,
I wanted to share a few drugstore products that I used and per some dermatologists surveys they are their must-buys-many of which they use themselves!!
So without further due here are some products to be added to your beauty shopping list.

Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum ($19; drugstores)
This line-smoother is "formulated with a specific pentapeptide to stimulate collagen, plus several moisturizing vitamins.
I use it daily and LOVE IT specially the super-silky feel.

St. Ives Timeless Skin Mineral Clay Firming Mask ($4; drugstores)
This easy-on-the-wallet mask contains kaolin clay to help unclog pores. Even better, "skin looks firm and bright without feeling dry"
This is another product I use at least once a week and is truly amazing.

Curel Itch Defense Skin Balancing Moisture Lotion ($8; drugstores)
The combo of olive oil, shea butter, and anti-irritants "restores the skin pH to stave off itchiness and retain moisture, making it a perfect daily lotion.
I used it a few years ago but I have no problems with itchiness so I stopped using it. I do have a friend that swears by it so if you do suffer from this then this is the perfect daily lotion to use.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Face Massager ($23: drugstores)
This lotion is the "perfect pick-me-up for skin," The roller-ball-tip applicator boosts penetration of antioxidants and caffeine to instantly brighten."
If you been following me for a while then you already now I <3 this product so much. :)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+ with Helioplex ($9; drugstore)
"This sky-high UV protection is ideal for days spent outdoors"
This is my Summer go-to sunscreen. 

Dove Beauty Bar ($3; drugstores)
This moisture-packed standby "does the job without drying out. 
True fact: sometimes I used this bar soap as a face wash!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheap Fabulous Finds: Christian Louboutin Slingback Clou Spikes

I got tons of emails about my shoes on a post I did HERE and unfortunately Charlotte Russe is completely out of them. But of course I did my own search and found an amazing and literally equally alternative.... Hope you girls love them and get to snatch a pair before they get sold out.

Happy Shopping!!!

Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud 150 Studded Slingbacks $1,195

Get your for only $39.99 @ Love My Shoes (CLICK HERE)
Available in Black



Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Wear Leg Warmers!

I received a lovely present from a fellow blogger Dorota from Jewellery Bijou by Dorota. She gifted me some really cute leg warmers and a necklace all hand made by her. I feel so honor and thankful that someone like her will take the time to specially make something for me. (insert super smiley face)

I usually don't wear leg warmers but then again there's always a first time so I decided to do a post on how to wear them. Hope you enjoy the photos and tips and a big "THANK YOU" to my Lil' Sissy for taking the pictures! <3 U.

How to Wear Leg Warmers

When I think of leg warmers it truly takes me back to the '80's and of course Flashdance!! and as we all know trends come and go and some of them come back again like this one. I had notice more and more girls wearing leg warmers out and about. Some of us are skeptical on wearing them, while the look may be intimidating, we can definitely wear this trend and really make them look great!

There are plenty ways of wearing so let's find one that works and makes you feel like you're "Rocking your Leg Warmers" 

Wear them under a pair of your favorite boots and allow them to peek out a few inches. And don't forget your skinny jeans! :)

Reach out for your favorite sweater and pair it with  your leg warmers.


What's your favorite way to wear leg warmers?

Please visit Dorota and her etsy store @ Jewellery Bijou by Dorota!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LOOK OF THE DAY: Mixing Prints!!

Leopard Blouse & Mint Jeans & Accessories (Forever 21)
Clutch (2b Stores)
Heels (Charlotte Russe)


I don't know about you guys but as for me I'm totally crazy over color denim jeans. I been wearing them for a while now but haven't been able to take any pictures due to my hectic schedule. So I was pleasantly surprised to find some free time and I kidnapped my photographer aka my BFF and made him take some quick shots. 

You will also be seeing me wearing my hair up a lot more often now because is totally easy and oh so chic. I'll be doing a hair tutorial in this upcoming week so stay tuned for that too. 
I recently bough a tripod for my iPhone so I can start making my own videos now instead of trying to find someone to do them for me! (SIGH)'s all coming up and is one of the changes I mentioned you in a previous post I'll be implementing to my blog. Going back to my roots! So expect tutorials, reviews and some girly chit-chat!

Love you all and as always.....