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Some of my Looks Wearing Skirts and TIPS on How to Care for Delicate Clothes


How to Care for Delicate Clothes

If you’ve got a big household it can be tempting to just throw caution to the wind, pile your delicates and woollens in with everything else and wash them all on the same setting. While this might seem like a good idea at the time it will probably lead to disaster for your more precious items. Here are the settings to look out for to avoid ruining your delicate clothes the next time you do a load of washing.


Hand washing is the recommended method for cleaning silk items, as this gentle approach helps maintain the clothes’ condition, quality and shape. However, the good news for people with lots of silk clothing is that most washing machines have a setting that will do the job – just make sure you use a silk safe detergent. While this will save you hours of standing over the sink you will have to wait for your clothes to air dry inside, as heat from a tumble dryer or a warm sunny day can damage silk.


It's often tempting to chuck all your soft sweaters in together, but even clothes will a small wool content are more delicate than cottons and need special treatment. Many machines now include a hand wash and/or woollen setting: the Bosch WAE24166GB has options for hand washing, wools and silks and features an easy-to-use dial to choose between each. You can also alter the spin speed as well as the temperature for a more gentle cycle. Despite this clever tech, these special settings must be used in conjunction with a wool-safe detergent, and keep the load size small to avoid causing extra friction on the sensitive fibres.


Much like silks and woollens, if there’s not a delicates option on your machine then don’t risk it! It’s far too easy to ruin beautiful and expensive clothes by taking a chance on a broad setting. If your washing machine can handle delicates, again make sure to use the right detergent for the job and remember to dry them flat - lay them on a white towel to avoid creases.

Tumble dryers

Most tumble dryers will have a setting on them to deal with delicate clothing, but if you’re still worried about ruining your clothes then a condenser dryer might be a better option. While other dryers work by circulating hot air around the clothes, a condenser dryer removes the moisture from the drum instead. As hot temperatures are generally what causes damage to delicate clothing this type of dryer can take an awful lot of the worry out of your next wash load. The Hoover VHC680C condenser dryer includes a wool setting to care for this sensitive fabric, as well as a rapid option to quickly dry more sturdy clothes, and bone dry if you need to put something on the moment it comes out of the machine. Another benefit of a condenser dryer is that since they don't need a vent they can be installed anywhere, although you will need to empty the reservoir where the water collects to avoid mildew.




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